Divorce is about more than ending a marriage. It’s about laying the foundation for a bright future for yourself and your children. That future may be difficult to imagine when your marriage is falling apart and the divorce process lies ahead of you… Read More

Child Custody & Support

For a devoted parent, the most difficult part of a divorce or breakup is often resolving the issue of child custody. At Welty Law Office, we understand exactly how stressful child custody disputes can be. We make sure that you have the information, s… Read More

Juvenile Law

At Welty Law Office, everything we do is guided by one principle: promoting the well-being of children. That includes advocating for children in the Tennessee juvenile court system. Juvenile law deals with legal issues affecting children under the ag… Read More


There are many ways for families to come together, including through adoption. Often, adoption legally formalizes a relationship between a child and someone who is already acting as the child’s parent. That may be a family member who has stepped in… Read More


During marriage, spouses often share a joint bank account from which household bills are paid. One spouse may be the sole or primary breadwinner, but finances are shared. When a couple separates or divorces, their finances typically become separate,… Read More

Post-Divorce Modification and Enforcement

A divorce decree is a court order that makes a divorce final in Tennessee. However, in some situations, especially those involving children, the terms of a divorce decree or other order may need to be modified or enforced. At Welty Law Office, we und… Read More

Order of Protection

Your closest relationships should be the ones in which you feel the most secure and safe. Unfortunately, too many people, most of them women, are endangered by the actions of intimate partners or family members. When you experience violence or threat… Read More

LGBTQ+ Family Law Issues

Love is love, and family is family. That said, many LGBTQ+ families and individuals face family law issues that cisgender and/or heterosexual individuals don’t. Obergefell v. Hodges legalized same-sex marriage throughout the United States in 2015,… Read More