Support Staff

At Welty Law Office, we work as a team to make sure our clients’ needs are met as quickly, completely, and cost-effectively as possible. Our support staff is an essential component of our team, helping keep everything running smoothly and making sure that clients get the answers they need as quickly as possible.

When you call the office or walk in the front door, Robin, our Client Support Specialist, is likely the person who will greet you. Robin is usually the first point of contact for clients; she handles scheduling intakes, engagement letters, calendaring, and fields the many questions that clients naturally have during the legal process.

Caring, upbeat, and competent, Robin empowers clients with information and helps them to feel more confident about navigating their legal matter. She can answer many questions based on her own knowledge, but for issues that require an attorney’s input, she will often consult with the attorney and report back. That not only helps clients get accurate answers more quickly than they might otherwise, but allows them to avoid being billed for the attorney’s time. And when it’s important for clients to speak or meet directly with their attorney, Robin helps that to happen as soon as possible.

Other team members help with various other tasks, such as organizing discovery documents and materials, research, and drafting of routine documents and pleading. Having dedicated support staff available to perform the tasks that do not require an attorney’s training frees the firm’s attorneys up to meet with clients, go to court and focus their attention on the work our clients need them to do. It also allows us to efficiently do the best possible job for our clients, giving them the representation they deserve while keeping their costs down.

Our support staff, like our attorneys, are committed to helping our clients through a challenging time with compassion, skill, and strength.