Why Choose Welty Law Office

Choosing an attorney to represent you in a family law matter isn’t something you take lightly. You are entrusting your attorney with legal issues whose outcome could affect your life, and your children’s, for many years to come.

The outcome of a family law dispute isn’t all that matters, of course. A divorce or custody case is never easy, but ideally, your attorney should make the process easier for you. At Welty Law Office, we recognize that you are not just going through a legal challenge, but a deeply personal one. We are committed to giving you both the legal advocacy and personal support you need to navigate it. That is just one of the reasons our clients choose to work with us.

Child Advocacy-Based Practice

For most parents going through a divorce or custody dispute, their child’s well-being is their primary concern. It’s a concern that we at Welty Law Office share as well. We focus our advocacy on doing what is best for the child in a case, which is almost always what is best for the parent, too. Attorney Rachel Welty has devoted her entire legal career to advocating for the needs of children. Our clients appreciate that we are as committed as they are to protecting their children and helping them thrive. Our clients’ children are the focal point of everything we do. Every decision we make during the legal process is made with their well-being in mind, first and foremost.

Settlement-Minded and Trial-Ready

The vast majority of Tennessee family law disputes settle before a trial becomes necessary, and settlement is generally best for the parties and their children. Unfortunately, not all cases are best resolved through settlement negotiations. Because few divorces and custody cases proceed to trial, many attorneys who practice only family law have relatively little trial experience. That can put them, and their clients, at a disadvantage when a trial becomes necessary.

Rachel Welty is different. Although her practice is exclusively family law, she is also a seasoned litigator. She works diligently toward settlement when that is in her client’s best interest. However, if a favorable settlement isn’t possible, she is more than capable of advocating for her client at trial. She will never encourage a client to accept a settlement just to avoid a trial; her sole focus is achieving the best possible outcome for her client and their children.

Comprehensive, Empowering Approach to Family Law Issues

Often, when you are going through a family law conflict, you need more than just a legal resolution. You need preparation for what lies on the other side of your dispute so that you can build the life that you and your children deserve.

At the beginning of your divorce or custody case, it’s natural to be fearful about the future and the changes your family is undergoing. You may wonder if you can really make it on your own. Welty Law Office is here to show you that you can, and to empower you with the resources you need to do it. Rachel Welty is a single parent, too. She understands what you are going through—not only on a professional level, but on a personal one. The entire Welty Law Office team is committed to helping you move from a place of fear to a place of confidence and hope for your future.

Education builds power. To learn more about why clients choose us for their Tennessee family law needs, we invite you to contact Welty Law Office to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you.